KGet and automatic reconnect to paswword protected FTP sites - how to ?

Izo I at
Wed Mar 2 09:18:29 GMT 2005

Andrew Kar wrote:

>On Mon, 28 Feb 2005 09:40 am, Izo wrote:
>>Is KGet capable of reconnecting to the password protected FTP sites
>>hosted by FTP servers which regularly disconnect client connections ?
>All ftp sites disconnect client connections if they are inactive for a period 
>of time. Kget will reconnect upto X times (set in preferences) on a login or 
>broken connection error.
>I haven't tried it but I would imagine that kget allows the normal net 
>procedure of putting the username and password as part of the Url.
For me it seems it does not even try. I've got Reconnect Options set as 

No. of Retries = 20
On login or Timeout Eror = checked
Reconnect after = 1 minute
On broken connection = checked

But I relly suspect that this part of the KGet configuration deals with 
the computer-to-internet connection rather than with the FTP 
client-server connection since on the same dialog one can find the 
Connection Type (which I have set up as Permanent since I am behind the 
firewall) and Offline Mode (unchecked for me)


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