replacing su with sudo to allow users administrative tasks

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Tue Jun 28 06:59:03 BST 2005

Hi James, 
thanks for your answer. 
It happens when I open the Control Manager and go to the YaST2 modules to 
configure some hardware and so on. The same if I go to the system 
administration -> login manager and want to access the administration mode. 
also when i am in the kwifimanager and when i try to change the wireless 
settings it asks for the root password. 
sudo would allow me a very fine grained access control to administrative tasks 
vi the /etc/sudoers file instead of handing out the root password. 
so if i could replace it would be great. 
kind regards  
James Richard Tyrer <tyrerj at> wrote:  
> itlistuser at wrote: 
> > Hi,  
> >   
> > I'm using kde 3.4.1 on SuSE 9.3. When a user has to configure the wireless  
> > networking a dialog pops up asking for the root password. This window uses 
> > to allow the user to configure the network. I do not want to hand out the 
> > password to the users, therefore I want to use su.   
> > Is there a way to replace the su with sudo?  
> Exactly where does the KDESU window pop up?  Is it the Control Center or  
> KWiFIManager? 

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