replacing su with sudo to allow users administrative tasks

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Tue Jun 28 06:26:42 BST 2005

itlistuser at wrote:
> Hi, 
> I'm using kde 3.4.1 on SuSE 9.3. When a user has to configure the wireless 
> networking a dialog pops up asking for the root password. This window uses su 
> to allow the user to configure the network. I do not want to hand out the root 
> password to the users, therefore I want to use su.  
> Is there a way to replace the su with sudo? 

Exactly where does the KDESU window pop up?  Is it the Control Center or

It is possible that this is because there is a system level
configuration file that requires root permission to write to it.  If
that is the case, it might be sufficient to change the write permissions
for this file.  The correct way to do this is to make it 664 and change
the group to a group that is allowed to write to it.  On some systems
this would be "wheel" (the group of users with greater privilege), or
you could make a group "wifiusers".

Or, if it is an executable that requires root permission, you can also
use the group and change the permissions to 770, or you might need to
set the "Set UID" bit for the executable so that it will run as root
(this is not considered secure if the file is world executable, you
should use a group and 770 permissions).

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