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Fri Jun 3 19:11:08 BST 2005

Strange question. I am creating an Internet site for the non-technical
Linux user. I know there are hundreds of forums and sites out there but
after speaking to hundreds of people everyone said the same thing,
"There is not one site to get information on everything" This is my goal
and I need some help.

I am slowly building a forum on specific programs and KDE is one of
them. Obviously its a desktop system packaged with almost every distro
available now and many people use it as there first point of call. I can
pretty much help people with the technical side of using KDE along with
the customisation, problem solving etc but I want someone from KDE to:

1) Work with Magic:Mirror helping us keep up to date with fixes and

2) Join the forum to offer a second view on topics and answer more
development questions.

3) Write a small section in the forum detailing what KDE is all about
and why its so good.

I know that all this information in on the KDE website and many people
visit it each day and there will be a link back to KDE on the
contributors signature file in the forum. I would like to keep my site
as correct as possible and having an official contributor from the
company would be brilliant. If you can help please email me with any
questions and I will then, if you have joined the forum make you a
moderator so you have more control over whats said.


Christopher Stansbury
AIM: dvlmn335, Yahoo: dvlmn335, MSN: dvlmn335 at

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