Compiled with Konstruct, but no new KDE?

Jes Hall jes.hall at
Sat Jun 4 09:31:48 BST 2005

On Saturday 04 June 2005 01:55, Jason Bassett wrote:
> Hello
> I downloaded Konstruct from the site and left my machine compiling
> for a few days by running "make install" from the
> /home/jbassett/konstruct/meta/kde folder.  I changed to root to do the make
> install.
> Once complete I copied the /root/kde3.4 folder to /home/jbassett, chowned
> it to jbassett and carried out the exports as suggested in the README.
> Restarted expecting a new flashy kde 3.4 screen, instead I still have 3.2
> still.

There is lots of information about installing KDE here:

As far as I'm aware, and as the FAQ seems to imply, moving KDE after make 
install wont actually work. You need to specify the prefix you want KDE 
installed to as an argument to the configure script, and ultimately install 
KDE to be run from that location (although often people use a temporary 
directory to build packages from in between.)

Konstruct was not designed to be used as the root user. It was designed for a 
non root user to use it without overwriting their system KDE. So, if you 
wanted it to ultimately live in your home directory you should run make 
install as that user.

If you had a properly built, working KDE 3.4 then you would run it by setting 
these environment variables in your shellrc file or ~/.profile, using the 
value of the QT you built KDE against and the folder KDE is installed into 


Your xinitrc should then contain

exec /path/to/KDE/folder/bin/startkde 

as it's last line.

Some have said that KDEDIR is deprecated and you should use KDEDIRS instead. I 
find KDEDIR works for me, but if you prefer use KDEDIRS.

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