No Juk on fedora core 4 ?

Willem w.vandinter at
Thu Jul 21 23:33:44 BST 2005

Hi all,

I used to use Juk to play my mp3 / ogg files, but recently  I updated 2
systems I use (home & work) to fedora core 4.

After the updates, the application at home crashes, while at the office,
there is no juk at all.

I have installed the latest kdemultimedia (and -extras) but it didn't
change anything.

Then I looked it up with google, and found out that there is some kind
of bug with kdemultimedia / juk on fedora core 4.

So, the question is more like a multiple choice:

Do I:
a: have to wait for new updates that fix the bug
b: poke with yum|rpm around the deinstall|reinstall packages
c: forget about juk and just use xmms (nothing wrong with that, but I
liked juk just a bit more)

Any answer would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

(if this mail is in the wrong group, I apologize)

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