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Lauri Watts lauri at
Thu Jul 21 21:15:00 BST 2005

On Thursday 21 July 2005 06.57, roach wrote:
> Hi,
> Can somebody please tell me where the files are located that control the
> look of the:
> - Control Center start page
Locations and layout hardcoded in the source
> - Konqueror Info pages
Locations and layout hardcoded in the source
> - Konqueror Man pages
Locations and layout hardcoded in the source
> - Help Center pages
Locations and layout partly generated during the XSLT transformation but 
controlled mostly by CSS - This one is the low hanging fruit for styling, 
view source on a help page should point you to what is where - I suggest you 
save a page and run it through tidy first, the generated html is very 
verbose, and not very pretty to look at.

> I'm designing a new theme for them but need to know where all the files are
> that control their look.
> Thanks.
> All the best.

The graphics themselves for help:/ man:/ and info:/ are installed into 

Source locations:
XSLT containing the heading for top and bottom banner graphics in help:/

CSS containing most of the other styling:

man page generator sources:
/svn/kdebase/kioslave/man (the styling is in man2html.cpp, around line 4050 

info page generator sources:
kdebase/kioslave/info/kde-info2html (this one's perl - look around line 630)

Simplest is going to be to match precisely the existing graphics in size, and 
since the text is fitted to the existing graphics, you should probably stick 
fairly close to the current layout (i.e,, you don't want an icon in the 
middle of where the heading in a help page is going))

Lauri Watts
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