C.Beamer cbeamer at
Wed Jul 13 03:14:01 BST 2005

Hi All,

I just installed kyum.  *Very* cool little program.  However, there is
one thing that I'm thinking may be a tiny bug.

If you select 'Actions' from the menu, and then, 'Clean yum's cache', a
window appears with 2 radio buttons - one for 'Clean All' and one for
'Clean Selected'.  The 'Clean Selected' seems to work as it should, but
the 'Clean All' gives an error message when the 'OK' button is clicked. 
Basically, the message is saying that you must tell kyum what you want
cleaned.  I would have thought that selecting 'Clean All' would be the
equivalent to the command line 'yum clean all'.

Anyway, if this is a bug, I apologize for sending it this way.  However,
there was no listing for kyum on the KDE bugzilla page and I got no hits
when I searched for bugs related to kyum.

Take care,


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