Automatic proxy configuration for KDE

Philip Rodrigues philip.rodrigues at
Fri Jul 8 12:00:36 BST 2005

> New applications see the change even without runnign kbuildsycoca, but the
> open ones do not. If I go to the proxy settings in Konqueror, I can see
> the dialog changed according to the file change, but if I don't hit "Ok"
> or "Apply", but "Cancel", the change does not affect the Konqueror
> instance.

Sounds reasonable - I think it's a bit unfair to expect apps to respond to
changes in their config files without a restart of the app, or at least a
SIGHUP. (Plus, it would change the behaviour of a running app if the config
file was changed unexpectedly, which seems like a bad thing).

> In any case, these methods are fine for you and me and all programmer Unix
> geeks around, but are not suitable for the common user who needs a GUI and
> easy way to achieve his/her goal.

Well, if it works for you, there's no problem :-). But on your point that
there should be a GUI, I'd tend to disagree: your situation seems like an
unusual one, and GUIs can't be expected to handle every single corner case.
ICBW, though, so you might want to request such a GUI as a wishlist on - it might be easy to implement.

> Thanks a lot, anyway.

You're welcome :-)

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