ksysguard applet 'connection'

daivd wolfson kde at davidwolfson.co.uk
Thu Jul 7 09:22:22 BST 2005

Thanks for the pointer Tim,

Tim M√ľnchen wrote:
> daivd wolfson wrote:
>>I'm working on a laptop, and having had it switch itself off for want of 
>>a battery monitor I had a look at adding one to the Ksysguard applet, 
>>and now can't get it to work at all! The standalone application works 
>>fine, but having removed all the monitors, whenever I drag a new sensor 
>>to the applet I get a 'connection host - KDE panel' window. This already 
>>has the host set to 'localhost', and a series of connection options: 
>>ssh, rsh, daemon or custom command. I've tried each of these (but didn't 
>>add a command to custom) and each time I get a disconnected symbol in 
>>the graph and no info. The sensors tab in the prefernces menu for this 
>>non-working graph says there is an error, but gives no more information.
> I had the same problem. It seemed that ksysguardd wasn't able to write a
> lockfile to /var/lock, thus weren't able to start.
> I "solved" it by making the dir /var/lock world-writeable. If there's a better
> solution, let me know - but this, at least, works.

I've just given this a go, and still no luck. /var/lock contained only a 
subfolder called 'subsys', which contained a numer of files, but none 
apparently associted with sysguard. I've given full access to all thes 
files/folders and still have the same thing; ksysguard application works 
fine, but still no connection on the applet.

Anyone got any other ideas please?



PS I've now got a battery monitor from kde-utils-laptop, but now no 
system monitor!

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