Automatic proxy configuration for KDE

Philip Rodrigues philip.rodrigues at
Wed Jul 6 23:11:26 BST 2005

> Currently I have two dialup accounts for Internet access from two
> different ISPs. They both have services that the other one doesn't have. I
> find it very annoying to change the proxy settings in Konqueror (or
> KControl) every time I connect with an account after having used the other
> one. Is there a way to make that process automatic? I've looked in KPPP
> and i'm out of clues. If it's not currently possible, I think that would
> be a nice feature.

I have no idea whether there's an automatic or GUI-based way of doing this,
but a quick 'n' dirty hack would go something like this:
1. Set up the proxy settings for ISP 1.
2. Save ~/.kde/share/config/<file storing the proxy settings> as 'isp1'
3. Set up the proxy settings for ISP 2.
4. Save ~/.kde/share/config/<file storing the proxy settings> as 'isp2'
5. Create a script, let's call it 'isp1-proxy', that copies 'isp1' back to
~/.kde/share/config/<file storing the proxy settings> and runs
'kbuildsycoca --noincremental'.
6. Create a corresponding script for isp2
7. On connection to ISP 1, run isp1-proxy, and on connection to ISP 2, run

For step 7, you'd probably want to see whether kppp can run a script on
connection. If not, it's probably not much of a saving.

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