Mac OS-style menubar as default

Janne Ojaniemi janne.ojaniemi at
Sun Jul 3 23:58:22 BST 2005

On Monday 04 July 2005 01:23, Thierry de Coulon wrote:
> Users usually don't understand it, and since it's difficult (at least in
> the macs) to see what app the menu belongs to, they end up looking for menu
> points that are not available.

Macs problems need not be KDE's problems. Making active apps stand out from 
the inactive apps is merely a question of implementation. We can have the 
inactive apps fade a bit in to the background or something. And even on the 
Mac, most users have zero problems with telling which app the menubar belongs 
to, even with their less than perfect way of differentiating between active 
and inactive apps. And even if that turned out to be a problem, the positive 
points clearly outweight the negative points IMO.

> Please remember that 21% who want the mac os-style means 79% who don't, and
> that's a clear majority...

You didn't see the point I made? Many people voted against the idea. But when 
they actually tried it themself, they actually liked it, for the reasons I 
mentioned. So even though they voted against the idea in the beginning, they 
actually preferred the Mac OS-style menubar after they had tested it 
properly. I would say that most people opposed the idea simply because it's 
different to the way it's done today. And the fact is that the per-app 
menubars waste space, clutter the UI and are awkward to use.

Hell, I remember testing the Mac OS-menubar a while ago. And after 5 minutes 
of use, I hated it. But I have experimented with OS X recently, and that 
system forces me to use the menubar. And after a while, I really started to 
appreciate it. then I tried it on KDE as well, and even though it has some 
bugs on KDE, I use it all the time today. You really need to try it out 
properly, before deciding that it sucks.
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