kdelib problems

Rainer Wirtz rainer.wirtz at gmx.de
Thu Jan 27 22:54:45 GMT 2005

Am Donnerstag, 27. Januar 2005 21:50 schrieb Mike Muratet:
> I am trying to update my kdebase installation, and I'm getting some
> errors I can't seem to resolve.
> The configure script runs (although it reports a couple of problems
> decribed below...) but make crashes with
> index.docbook:12: error: failed to load external entity
> "dtd/kdex.dtd" ]>
>  ^
> index.docbook:14: error: Entity 'language' not defined
> <book lang="&language;">
>                       ^
> index.docbook:14: validity error: No declaration for attribute lang
> of element book
> <book lang="&language;">
> and so on.

There's a file "dtd/kdex.dtd" in my kdelibs source directory. Maybe you 
need to update kdelibs as well. Or you have two versions installed and 
it's picking up the wrong one.

> The configure script does report:
> configure: WARNING: linux/raw.h: present but cannot be compiled
> configure: WARNING: linux/raw.h:     check for missing prerequisite
> headers?
> configure: WARNING: linux/raw.h: see the Autoconf documentation
> configure: WARNING: linux/raw.h:     section "Present But Cannot Be
> Compiled"
> configure: WARNING: linux/raw.h: proceeding with the preprocessor's
> result configure: WARNING: linux/raw.h: in the future, the compiler
> will take precedence
> configure: WARNING:     ## ------------------------------------------
> ## configure: WARNING:     ## Report this to the AC_PACKAGE_NAME
> lists.  ## configure: WARNING:     ##
> ------------------------------------------ ##

I have the same message and everything compiles fine. That's nothing to 
do with it.

> Also, inspite of using --with-extra-lib=/usr/local/samba/lib (which
> is where the samba lib is living) I still get the message:
> You're missing libsmbclient from samba 3.0
> KDE will not be able to browse windows shares without it,
> consider installing it.
> Look at kioslave/smb/libsmbclient-HOWTO.txt

I don't have samba installed and of course get the same message. And as 
I said, it compiles fine.

> So, does anybody know if either of these two configure problems would
> cause the make to fail?

No they won't.

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