K panel tooltips stay too long

yourself sl4rtyb4rtf4st_2 at yahoo.gr
Thu Jan 27 10:32:49 GMT 2005

On Thursday 27 January 2005 11:29, Jes Hall (Jes Hall <jes.hall at kdemail.net>) 
> The behaviour described as
> "pop up even if the mouse stays over the icon for -say- 0.05 secs
> somethimes!!! And if the mouse passes over all of them (5 icons) heading
> for the last, i get some 3 or 4 popup windows pop up at the same time"
> is more consistant with the new style of tooltips in CVS head.
> If you're not running the beta or a recent CVS, then this may not apply to
> you so you can simply disregard it :-)

Well, yes, but not the _launcher_ icons... The SYSTEM TRAY icons. Try and run 
kopete. It will put an icon in your system tray. Try running kget, kmail, 
korganizer.... THESE icons pop up windows that are inconsistent. For example, 
the kmail icon pops up a toolitp sayng "There are 24 unread messages", kopete 
pops up a tooltip saying "Jabber blahblah at blahblah.blahblah (online)", kgpg 
says "Kgpg - encryption tool" and so on...

It's these tootips that are annoying and not the launcher ones. 

If still in doubt, see this screenshot, where I have marked what icons we are 
talking about: http://www.di.uoa.gr/~grad0771/icons_that_popup.jpg [216KB]
Note: the popus are not shown in the screenshot :-)


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