K panel tooltips stay too long

Jes Hall jes.hall at kdemail.net
Thu Jan 27 09:29:26 GMT 2005

There are two types of tooltips on Kicker. One type is the small yellow kind, 
disabled by unticking 'Enable Tooltips'. The other kind are only in the Beta, 
and while these are very obviously tooltips they are disabled by unticking 
'Enable Icon Zooming'  unless you are running a very recent CVS head, where 
the dialog has been fixed. 

The behaviour described as 

"pop up even if the mouse stays over the icon for -say- 0.05 secs 
somethimes!!! And if the mouse passes over all of them (5 icons) heading for 
the last, i get some 3 or 4 popup windows pop up at the same time" 

is more consistant with the new style of tooltips in CVS head.

If you're not running the beta or a recent CVS, then this may not apply to you 
so you can simply disregard it :-)


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