need help in getting SOCKS proxy working in 3.4 beta1

Jason 'vanRijn' Kasper vR at
Wed Jan 26 19:56:21 GMT 2005

I don't think this is specific to KDE 3.4 beta1, since I couldn't get it 
working in 3.3.2 either.  

I have a SOCKS proxy running on a different machine and have an SSH tunnel set 
up on my local port 1080 to forward to that machine, port 1080.  I have dante 
server running on that machine, and configured correctly.  My /etc/socks.conf 
file is this:

debug: 0
logoutput: stdout
resolveprotocol: fake

route {
        from:   to: .   via: port = 1080
        proxyprotocol: socks_v4 socks_v5
        method: none
        protocol: tcp udp

and if I configure gaim or firefox to use my SOCKS server like this, they work 
fine and I can see the connections being forwarded from ssh's verbose output.  
And, as I said, they actually do work.

HOWEVER, I can't for the life of me get KDE to use this.

I have "connect to the internet directly" selected under the Proxy tab and 
"Enable SOCKS support" selected under the SOCKS tab.  I have installed the 
dante client RPM from dag's repository (if there's a more correct one to use, 
PLEASE tell me), and it is dante-1.1.14-2.1.fc3.rf.

I have added /lib to the "Additional Library Search Paths" under the SOCKS 
tab, and have "Dante" checked.  When I click "Test" from the SOCKS tab, I get 
"Success: SOCKS was found and initialized."

After I log out of KDE and back in again, NOTHING in KDE is trying to use my 
SOCKS proxy.  

Am I setting this up correctly in kcontrol?  There's no SOCKS server that I 
can specify!!

Also, if I start konqueror up from the command line, I see this, among other 

kdecore (KSocks): KSocks added a new library path: /lib/
kdecore (KLibLoader): No file named found in 
kdecore (KLibLoader): No file named 
found in paths.
kdecore (KLibLoader): No file named found 
in paths.
kdecore (KLibLoader): No file named 
found in paths.
kdecore (KSocks): Found Dante SOCKS
kdecore (KSocks): SOCKS has been activated!
Jan 26 14:50:56 KDE[30276]: dante/client v1.1.14 running

Which makes me think that things should work.  Yet I never see any output from 
the ssh tunnel that shows that anything is being forwarded across the tunnel 
for the SOCKS proxy.

Someone, anyone, please help?!?  =:)  I've been beating my head against the 
wall with this for far too long.



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