KDE prevents system from shutting down?

Andy Teijelo PĆ©rez espino at infomed.sld.cu
Mon Jan 24 05:20:36 GMT 2005

El Domingo, 23 de Enero de 2005 10:40, Kevin Krammer escribiĆ³:
> There could be something wrong with the way the system handles the
> shutdown. Once my system reaches the state where it kills all processes
> there is no way for an application to block this, the KILL signal can't be
> caught and ignored.
That works the same here. But after hitting the power button, it's a dcop call 
what is made here in my system. /sbin/shutdown does not get called 
immediately. I know it because I onced tried to cancel the shutdown (shutdown 
-c), and discovered that no shutdown was running yet until I answered the KDE 
app dialog that was waiting for me.
> KDE apps won't be alive at that stage anyway, because the X server has shut
> down before and loosing the connection to the X server usually kills all
> common X clients due to the implementations of their toolkits.
> Cheers,
> Kevin
I think this might have little to do with KDE after all. Maybe it's just a 
problem with the way that acpid handles the poweroff event. I just would like 
to know if KDE has a way to know that a shutdown has been requested --maybe 
by a system administrator--, and close properly. I mean, by saving the 
session and avoiding applications from blocking the process.

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