KDE prevents system from shutting down?

Andy Teijelo PĆ©rez espino at infomed.sld.cu
Sun Jan 23 20:32:00 GMT 2005

El Domingo, 23 de Enero de 2005 12:41, Taylor Byrnes escribiĆ³:
> What application is this?
> It sounds to me like the application programmer coded that as a
> "feature" because for whatever reason they decided not to support
> resuming sessions.

I've tried with a few KDE apps, kedit, k3b, kate, kile, kword and they all 
behave the same way. I haven't tried too much because sometimes I can't stop 
the system from completely shutting down, and that's annoying. If the 
applications shows the dialog, then I can click "cancel" and the shutdown 
process does not take place.
Some applications, like KMail, don't block the process. Even with unsaved 
messages it shuts down and saves the session.
Like you said, it might be a problem in the applications. Each one should take 
care of closing when the user requests the system to shutdown. But anyway, as 
Esben has already said on this thread, KDE should give a timeout to these 
dialogs, so the user doesn't have to be babysitting the shutdown process.

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