Luxi Mono and recent KDE

Andrew Kar akar3d at
Thu Jan 20 06:51:10 GMT 2005

On Wednesday 19 January 2005 04:27, Marcus wrote:
> I reported this as a bug, but Stephen Kulow blames Qt or fontconfig and did
> not want to follow the problem further. However, I have not recently
> upgraded Qt or fontconfig -- only KDE to recent CVS. Other people who have
> recently upgraded KDE but not Qt or fontconfig also report the problem.

I havent even upgraded KDE and dont have luxi-mono listed either but you will 
find it is there as the default font called 'Monospace'. Stephen is correct 
it is not a KDE issue but would most likely have changed when you last 
upgraded your distro or X and is due to the fontconfig definition file.

If you open the font window in Konsole and carefully position your windows so 
that you can open the controlcentre fonts window and go to change the general 
font so you have another font selector window open that shows all fonts you 
will see when you make them the same point size that 'Monospace' and 
'Luxi-Mono' are indeed the same font even down to the serifs on the T and the 
peculiar 'm'. 
      Of course there is no such font called 'Monospace' the same as there is 
no such fonts as 'Sans' or 'Serif' they are aliases that can vary according 
to the fonts that your distro supplies and the order it searches your font 
folders although they are now uniform over the major distros.

I dont see why it doesnt list the original name as well though.  Possibly once 
it has used it as the alias it ignores it or it could be that (on my system) 
according to the FontMap there are both TT and Type1 copies of Luxi-Mono and 
that may confuse it.

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