Luxi Mono and recent KDE

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Thu Jan 20 08:02:15 GMT 2005

Marcus wrote:
> KDE's font choosing mechanism does not recognize Luxi Mono as a fixed width 
> font. This can be detected by attempting to set the font in Konsole to a 
> custom font, which lists only fonts that KDE believes are fixed-width. Also, 
> in the Control Center, under Appearance and Themes, in the Fonts dialog, Luxi 
> Mono does not show up as a Fixed Width font.
> Some people will not notice the problem if they're currently using Luxi Mono, 
> but if they change the Konsole font to another font, they will notice that 
> Luxi Mono is not available in the list to switch to.
> I reported this as a bug, but Stephen Kulow blames Qt or fontconfig and did 
> not want to follow the problem further. However, I have not recently upgraded 
> Qt or fontconfig -- only KDE to recent CVS. Other people who have recently 
> upgraded KDE but not Qt or fontconfig also report the problem.

I started a general bug for this:

Please add your comments there.

The ultimate cause of various font problems appears to be Qt and/or

In theory, you could fix this in FontConfig.  But, I can't figure out 
why this doesn't work:

   <match target="font">
     <test qual="any" name="family">
       <string>Luxi Mono</string>
     <edit name="spacing" mode="assign">

It would help if just a little more info was available and a debug 
option for: "fc-cache" would help.

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