Luxi Mono and recent KDE

Marcus mathpup at
Wed Jan 19 04:27:59 GMT 2005

KDE's font choosing mechanism does not recognize Luxi Mono as a fixed width 
font. This can be detected by attempting to set the font in Konsole to a 
custom font, which lists only fonts that KDE believes are fixed-width. Also, 
in the Control Center, under Appearance and Themes, in the Fonts dialog, Luxi 
Mono does not show up as a Fixed Width font.

Some people will not notice the problem if they're currently using Luxi Mono, 
but if they change the Konsole font to another font, they will notice that 
Luxi Mono is not available in the list to switch to.

I reported this as a bug, but Stephen Kulow blames Qt or fontconfig and did 
not want to follow the problem further. However, I have not recently upgraded 
Qt or fontconfig -- only KDE to recent CVS. Other people who have recently 
upgraded KDE but not Qt or fontconfig also report the problem.

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