KDE Perceived Quality Survey (PESQUS) still going on.

Human Aspects of Software Engineering hase at umbc.edu
Tue Jan 18 19:23:59 GMT 2005

Dear Corrado and KDE users:

Thanks for the insighful comments and suggestions. We will open a discussion 
among the users and developers about the results. But, first, we need to have 
a sufficient number of responses and conclude the survey. Therefore, friends, 
please fill out this useful survey:


Thanks for your help


hase at umbc.edu

> thanks for you answer. I would be grateful if you allow me to send this
> information to the other persons on the kde mailing list.
> I am happy there are names and contacts behind these research (as it should
> be), which make me far more responsive and less suspicious. Probably the
> same is also true for others, but I can only speak for myself.
> I am happy there are no vested interests, which makes for me and, I
> believe, for many others, easier to answer to your questions. You should
> have declared the funding bodies in advance, but the important thing is
> that we have clarified the point.
> Of course, I am allowed to disagree on some issues, for example the overall
> negative layout of the questionnaire (i.e. the questionnaire gives in any
> case a final result of degree of dissatisfaction and not of satisfaction,
> which are not necessarily related), and the fact that some of the questions
> are leading to pre-conditioned answers (focusing the relevance on
> malfunctioning).
> I would be happy to receive a copy of the results, if possible. Will you
> post them to the list? I will keep in touch, of course, and send my
> comments as soon as the results are published.
> Best regards!
> Corrado Topi
> Director Of Strategy
> -.-
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