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Andy Teijelo Pérez espino at
Tue Jan 4 08:03:50 GMT 2005

El Lunes, 03 de Enero de 2005 10:16, Kevin Krammer escribió:
> What kind of window settings would be in there?
> The application couldn't put application settings into this menu as it
> couldn't rely on the menu being present, e.g. the window manager could not
> draw decorations at all, or just tiny borders.
> That's why application settings are usually part of the application itself,
> accessible by the usual means (menu, context menu, keyboard shortcut)
> Cheers,
> Kevin

I mostly agree with you, but I keep thinking ti would be a good thing. Think 
of an application such as XMMS, Noatun or Kaboodle. They could put in such a 
menu shortcuts for Play, Pause, Next, etc. I'm not saying those commands 
should not be accessible in another ways. Applications cannot rely on a 
feature that a WM may not have. I understand that. But anyway they could use 
it in case the WM does support it. The window title is such a feature. If the 
window manager didn't draw decorations at all or show only tiny borders, the 
window title may not be visible. But not being able to show the subject on 
the window title won't stop KMail from letting me write this message. 
Something similar could happen for a custom menu in the window manager. In 
the case of KWin, it could make it in a non-standard way (though I think 
there is no standard at all) which worked only for KDE apps, maybe using 
DCOP. I don't know. I'm just speculating.
In any case, the whole thing was just a comment. An idea that came into my 
mind when using PUTTY. And the specific problem there was with PUTTY, not 
with KWin.
Sometime in the future, when I have time, I'll do what I've been planning for 
a long time: to develop KDE apps. And maybe then, I'll hack a bit of KWin to 
make it show a custom menu for an application of my own. If people doesn't 
like it after all, then it just won't survive. That's what I've always liked 
of the open source software development model.

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