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Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at
Mon Jan 3 15:16:32 GMT 2005

On Monday 03 January 2005 17:48, Andy Teijelo PĂ©rez wrote:

> I'm not saying there are no design flaws in PUTTY or any application that
> suddenly leaves you with no way to change a runtime setting. Ok, that's a
> problem for them. But I still think it would be nice to let the
> applications to customize the menu shown by their window manager when
> clicked. It's a common feature in Windows, I see nothing wrong with it and
> I've missed it sometimes. It's not that I want to copy Windows, it's just
> that it's a good feature in my opinion and I would like to see it in KWin
> and other window managers.

What kind of window settings would be in there?
The application couldn't put application settings into this menu as it 
couldn't rely on the menu being present, e.g. the window manager could not 
draw decorations at all, or just tiny borders.

That's why application settings are usually part of the application itself, 
accessible by the usual means (menu, context menu, keyboard shortcut)

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