Simple Text Editor gone after upgrade to 3.3

Jessica Hall jes at
Wed Sep 29 15:13:21 BST 2004

> I upgraded to 3.3 with 'yum upgrade' and found that the "Simple Text
> Editor" (aka kedit) has disappeared from my K menu. The program remains on
> my hard drive and because I had stuck an icon on my task bar, it's still
> there, but that's the only way I was able to find/start it and figure out
> what it's real name was (never started it from the command line before).
> Now, since kedit is already unreasonably slow on my fairly new hardware (~4
> months old and it takes a visible pause to open and draw its window -- a
> text editor, for crying out loud!!!), I certainly hope the wizards at KDE
> aren't going to try to deprecate kedit and expect people to use KWrite,
> which is an even slower application.
> Has kedit just been misplaced or was that an intentional removal, do you
> think?

I have a 500Mhz  laptop with 128mb memory and kedit launches in 1 second, 
kwrite in 2. I think you have some serious configuration problems, probably 
to do with your upgrade. To address the actual point of your query, kedit is 
still present in a default 3.3 menu on my system. I suspect something has 
gone a little screwy with your system.
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