weird greenish color for links

Marc Heyvaert marc_heyvaert at
Sat Sep 25 11:03:44 BST 2004


This week I installed SuSE 9.1 Personal (+ upgraded it
to Pro level) on top of Windows 2000 using VMWare.

I must say that this works very well, there is just
one small problem that may not even be linked to this

All the HTML links in KDE are displayed is some sort
of greenish fluorescent color. The lines under the
link are in the 'normal' blue color. When I choose
another theme in Control Centre, the problem remains
the same. When I change the color directly in Control
Centre(link in the drop down box + color chooser) I
can get a blue color by choosing green! but when I
scroll down on a web page and scroll up again, the
greenish stuff is back. The only way I can change this
is by setting the colors directly in the Konqueror
Settings (using CSS Stylesheet==>Accessibility).

It is a systemwide problem that also appears in
Mozilla and Opera. I compile a quick program in with
Qt using a label widget and displaying a html-link
gives me a green font, but underlined in the 'normal'

My own webpage, where I force the color for links,
displays ok. So it is only the default colors that
seem to be affected.

So I think it has to be a problem with a .css
stylesheet somewhere that is used ad the default for
the entire system. So my question is...which sheet(s)
and what do I have to change to get rid of this?

I have been looking around and I found pointers to
userChrome.ccs sheet that seems to be part of Mozilla.
But I can't seem to find it on my system. Not even in
the directory that, according to some webpages, it
should be in. Is this perhaps not relevant anymore?

Thanks for looking into this.


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