Icon size for alt-tab windows cycling/taskbar

Phil Bardanes listid at austin.rr.com
Thu Sep 23 19:04:41 BST 2004


Thanks for the feedback. I'm using 3.2 under all 3 OSes that I
mentioned. I'll look into upgrading the two that you mentioned, but the
Mandrake will have to stay at 3.2 for awhile 

Under 3.2, how does one increase the icon sizes on  the Start/Taskbar

Is it possible to configure the 3.3 alt-tab window to be oriented from

On Thu, 2004-09-23 at 10:50, Christoph Wiesen wrote:
> Unfortunaltey I can't tell you of a simple way to change the icon size and 
> doubt there would be any besides modifying the source.
> But there is another option: Upgrade to KDE 3.3 where it's available. For SuSE 
> and MEPIS it is (at kde.org / in Debian unstable).
> 3.3 features a different alt-tab window with bigger icons and an orientation 
> from top to bottom (instead of from left to right).
> It works really a lot better then the other versions (old KDE, GNOME, 
> Windows), though you might have to get used to it first.
> Regards,
> Chris
> Am Donnerstag, 23. September 2004 17:43 schrieb Phil Bardanes:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I've been using Gnome for quite awhile and have very recently decided to
> > switch to KDE. I'm now using it on 3 of our 5 Linux OSes: Mandrake,
> > SuSE,  and Mepis.
> >
> > The initial problem that I'm having is related to using the Alt-Tab
> > sequence for cycling through windows. The window icons are very small,
> > and it's hard to tell which application is which. Other icon sizes are
> > fine (toolbar
> >
> > This situation is really affecting my ability to multitask operations.
> > Under Gnome, the icon size is much larger.
> >
> > Is there any way to resize the icons? I've tried changing the icon size
> > in the  Control Center under Icons/Advanced/Desktop-FileManager, but it
> > doesn't affect the icon size in the Alt-Tab app.
> >
> > If there is no easy answer, then does anyone know what the Alt-Tab app
> > is? If so, maybe I can modify the source code to include different
> > pixmaps for the icons.
> >
> > Also, a simpler question - how to increase the icon size for the
> > taskbar?
> >
> > Thanks.
> >

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