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Lauri Watts lauri at
Sun Sep 19 12:30:13 BST 2004

On Saturday 18 September 2004 23.30, Christoph Wiesen wrote:
> Hi there,

> So basically shouldn't amaroK be the default audio player for KDE 3.4
> instead of Noatun?

The amaroK developers are quite happy with it in kdeextragear.   There's no 
way it's going to be moved unless they ask for it, and if they're happy being 
able to have their own freeze and release schedules, that simply isn't going 
to happen.    If you're wondering how I know, it's because I asked them, just 
yesterday, what their plans are.

> I'm not sure what the mechanisms inside KDE would be that allowed the
> amaroK team to develop independantly from KDE releases (and thus make their
> own releases) yet be the standard and always have something new when KDE is
> ready for a new release every 6 monts, but this should be doable, shouldn't
> it?

It's actually a royal pain, for packagers, distributions, translation, 
documentation, and for the developers of the app.    That's why there are 
extragears, so they can enjoy the benefits of KDE's CVS resources (more 
developers, wide range of testing and compilation on different systems, 
access to the translation and documentation teams), without having to abide 
by the larger project schedules.    

There is no reason you, as a user, or any distribution, could not set amaroK 
to be the default player for KDE no matter where it's developed, it's a 
pretty simple matter to make it a required dependency, and moving it into a 
module does not especially change that.  Several distributions for instance, 
already include one of KMplayer, KPlayer, or Kaffeine, and make them the 
default video players ahead of Noatun, and none of those applications are in 
a KDE major module.

Lauri Watts
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