Some features for KDE 3.4?

Janne Ojaniemi janne.ojaniemi at
Sat Sep 18 19:09:15 BST 2004

On Saturday 18 September 2004 20:44, Grzegorz Jaƛkiewicz wrote:
>From what I see, and I am just contributing small piece of software to
> KDE, not doing anything big acctually, KDE developers think that most
> of stuff done on linux (or free) desktop area was invented in KDE, and
> we should not be forced to keep compatbility with gnome ppl, but it
> should be rather other way around.

I think the absolutely worst thing that KDE-developers can do, is to adopt a 
NIH-attitude (NIH = Not Invented Here). I have seen some traces of that when 
watching them discuss whether to take more part in

> Other aspect of whole issue, is that KDE is not just linux desktop
> enviroment. It's aimed for unix, and currently even win32 enviroments. and
> so far, HAL is just linux specyfic.
> If you want to follow discussion on core-devel:

True, HAL might be LInux specific. But is there anything that makes it 
Linux-specific, apart from not being ported yet?

And besides, I think it's perfectly OK for KDE to take advantage of some 
unique advantages some platform might offer. In this case, it would mean 
supporting HAL in Linux. In other platforms (*BSD etc.) things would work out 
like they have worked out before. They wouldn't be deprived of anything, some 
other people would just gain some additional features. Just because some 
platform does not support all the bells and whistles should not IMO mean that 
the feature is not implemented at all.

PS: I accidentally put in incorrect reply-to address to my original message.
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