Some features for KDE 3.4?

Grzegorz Jaśkiewicz gryzman at
Sat Sep 18 20:23:56 BST 2004

On Sat, 18 Sep 2004 21:09:15 +0300, Janne Ojaniemi
<janne.ojaniemi at> wrote:
> On Saturday 18 September 2004 20:44, Grzegorz Jaśkiewicz wrote:
> >From what I see, and I am just contributing small piece of software to
> >
> > KDE, not doing anything big acctually, KDE developers think that most
> > of stuff done on linux (or free) desktop area was invented in KDE, and
> > we should not be forced to keep compatbility with gnome ppl, but it
> > should be rather other way around.
> I think the absolutely worst thing that KDE-developers can do, is to adopt a
> NIH-attitude (NIH = Not Invented Here). I have seen some traces of that when
> watching them discuss whether to take more part in

I think we shouldn't stop anyone from such behavior. In general, KDE
developers attitude is simple - we like it, we implement it. They
don't copy stuff. And it's good. But freedesktop, is an attempt to go
one step ahead. Many of these steps were made already by KDE ppl, now
it looks like is taking next steps, implementing stuff
I don't like 'not keen on new stuff, especially if it comes from
GNOME/fd.o' attitude, that I can see in some KDE ppl. They think they
lead, but this might rappidly change.
The World is changing, so should KDE.
And since many of new features listed on fd.o are already in GNOME, I
think we should not be let ourselves be raced off by them as it soon
will make KDE what GNOME was for few last years.

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