Some features for KDE 3.4?

Christoph Wiesen chris at
Sat Sep 18 18:57:00 BST 2004

Just to add my thoughts....

basically I think all of your suggestions are very good and hope that at least 
some of them make it into 3.4.
There are two things that make me think "maybe this won't happen"
- some of those ideas have just been implemented in GNOME (as you said) and 
thus it might not feel very good to some of the active developers.. since it 
would be basically playing catch up (KDE leads already in many other areas 
- somehow I (<- user) feel that the attention might shipt to 4.0 thus meaning 
there won't be too many new features in 3.4, which is a bad thing as this 
might mean there won't be much progress in the coming year(s) for KDE.

hope those points are not valid though.

With the suggested improvements and some more attention towards the 
file-management part of Konqueror, KDE 3.4 would be _the_ release for me and 
i could sleep happily knowing that 4.0 probably won't bring many new features 
but a new and cleaned-up backend.

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