Some features for KDE 3.4?

Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at
Sat Sep 18 18:50:10 BST 2004

On Saturday 18 September 2004 19:18, Janne Ojaniemi wrote:
> I haven't (yet at least) seen any lively discussion about 3.4's
> feature-set. Of course it will have it's share or improvements, tweaks and
> cleanups, but what about features?

> 1. Volume-management. In Gnome, you plug in a CD, and it "just works". Same
> thing with other removable media as well. They do that with the help of
> HAL. Having something like that in KDE would IMO be a "Good Thing" (tm)

> 2. Rendezvous. Again, Gnome 2.8 has this, and it is a good feature. To put
> it very simply: Networking that just works., Ad Hoc networks that
> autoconfigures itself etc. etc.

> 3. Composite. As you propably know, 6.8 has a composite-extension
> that enables the GUI to do all kinds of funky stuff. Most famous of those
> in the "true" transparency. IMO we should put in some tools in KDE to
> control that feature (in per-window settings for example). Right now, using
> Xcompmgr to enable composite is pretty awkward. Also, tooltips, Kopete
> notifications etc. could use the true transparency to make them blend more
> with the background. Really, there are LOTS of possible uses for this
> feature (and I'm not talking about just transparency, fade-in/out etc.
> would also be possible)

Kompose can detect the presence of XComposite and use it if I remember 
For deeper integration support inside Qt would be needed, but I guess this 
unlikely for the near future, Trolltech is very likely working hard on Qt4

A composite configuration frontend could be possible though.

> Now, Composite isn't 100% rock-solid yet, but it's progressing nicely.
> Better be prepared for it too soon than too late. IMO 4.0 would be too
> late.

It will take quite some time until composite is (a) widely deployed and (b) 
working properly (efficiently).
Currently it is AFAIK only available in the newest Xserver release and 
at working prototype stage implementationwise.


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