don't bind shortcuts but pass them into window... VNC

Yaroslav Halchenko yoh at
Sun Sep 12 21:30:01 BST 2004

Dear KDE specialists,

I've been looking for a nice window manager to substitute my
windowmaker. I've gone through couple of them but couldn't find crucial
for me feature: facility for specific application or window to don't
bind shortcuts to the KDE-defined... let me describe it in details

I'm using VNC client 99% of my work time. So what is important is to
have all my shortcuts to be resolved not in local session but on remote
host. WindowMaker has such feature as 'do not bind keyboard shortcuts'
defined per window basis. This suits my needs 100%. So whenever I press
something while being focused in VNC window - I get response on remote
system not locally

Thank you in advance for clarifying this question because I couldn't
find answer wondering around KDE setup

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