pixmaps on rekall

neil lewis neil at gibsonsphoto.worldonline.co.uk
Sun Sep 12 18:14:11 BST 2004

I've just started experimenting with using rekall/mysql on suse-9.1 and 
while I have no problem setting up tables and forms generally, I can't 
see how to get a pixmap to display on a form using a path generated from 
 information held in the database.

I want to be able to show a pixmap on a form which relates to the 
personal data - ie an image of a person referred to in the record.
I envisage the pixmaps (as jpgs) into a directory on  my server. Each 
image would then be identified by the name of the individual depicted. 
That way, the pixmap could be displayed by referring to the path to the 
server directory and appending the name of the person and ".jpg".

Temporarily, I've set up a table consisting of fields for just the 
record id (integer, primary key), path (varchar) and a form displaying 
this data and a pixmap object.

For the pixmap object, I've tried inserting the field name for the path 
in the "display data" property. I've also tried inserting the path 
manually into the same property. So far, I haven't been able to get any 
image to display.

When using a graphic object, there's no problem with displaying the 
image, but of course it is fixed and not related to the data.

Any help would be much appreciated.
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