No KDE 3.3 from Mandrake?

Alex Nordstrom alexander.nordstromDONT_CC_ME at
Mon Sep 6 09:05:03 BST 2004

On Monday, 6 Sep 2004 11:54, Zé wrote:
> Em Segunda, 6 de Setembro de 2004 04:18, o Alex Nordstrom escreveu:
> > From the INSTALL file in the kdebase source archive:
> > > By default, `make install' will install the package's files in
> > > `/usr/local/kde/bin', `/usr/local/kde/lib', etc.  You can specify
> > > an installation prefix other than `/usr/local/kde' by giving
> > > `configure' the option `--prefix=PATH'.
> really?!?
> first read the documentation

That *is* the documentation.

> was me who was hostile?

Yes, dismissing a valid point with ad hominem assertions is generally 
considered impolite, at least where I am from. Let me remind you that 
you do not know me; making assertions about what is "just like" me is 
presumptuous and arrogant.

> and help from me? you just did criticise, 

I brought to attention the fact that compromising the integrity of the 
package management system will result in an inconsistent setup. That is 
not criticising you as a person (unlike what you just did); it is 
trying to inform you that the method you are using may be the cause of 
many of your problems -- mix files of incompatible versions and all 
bets are off.

> and for what i see i know more than you.

You are way, way out of line with your presumptuous pissing contest 
here. How much people know (disregarding the problems of quantifying 
that) is generally a product of their willingness to learn and their 
age, and what they know generally depends on their interests and 
experiences. I am sure there are many things you know that I do not. 
Similarly, I know many things that you do not. I fail to see the 
relevance of that, though.

Alex Nordstrom
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