No KDE 3.3 from Mandrake?

mmodem00 at
Mon Sep 6 04:54:28 BST 2004

Em Segunda, 6 de Setembro de 2004 04:18, o Alex Nordstrom escreveu:
> From the INSTALL file in the kdebase source archive:
> > By default, `make install' will install the package's files in
> > `/usr/local/kde/bin', `/usr/local/kde/lib', etc.  You can specify an
> > installation prefix other than `/usr/local/kde' by giving `configure'
> > the option `--prefix=PATH'.

first read the documentation

just do  kde-config --prefix , the kdepim installation will be instaled in 
that dir, but you can overwrite that option with --prefix=something

there u are gyessing again

>Couldn't resist, could you? Well, better to raise questions than to rush 
>on like a brainless buffalo. Are you normally this hostile when people 
>offer to help you?

was me who was hostile?
and help from me? you just did criticise, and for what i see i know more than 

good night
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