No KDE 3.3 from Mandrake?

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at
Mon Sep 6 03:40:17 BST 2004

On Sunday 05 September 2004 21:07, Alex Nordstrom wrote:
>On Monday, 6 Sep 2004 07:16, Zé wrote:
>> There arent packages og kde3.3 for mandrake, in cooker there still
>> are kde3.2.3.
>> so what i suggest (that is what i do), is to have the kde
>> installed of mandrake, and then to have the latest kde and still
>> have the menus in menudrake, is to download the sources from
>> and compile them that they will overwrite the kde
>> binarys installed.
>Overwrite the binaries provided by the package management system of
> your distribution with locally compiled files? That's what
> /usr/local is for. I'm beginning to suspect what the origin of some
> of the bizarre KDE and KMail problems you seem to be having might
> be.

I wondered about that myself.  I have NOT seen any of the weird 
problems posted on this list, and I built kde-3.3 using konstruct.  
It took about 3 weeks for all the stuff to be brought into line, and 
everytime the build bailed out, I waited a couple of days, then did a 
cvs up -dP in the top level dir, and restarted my 'makekde' script.  
When it finally went thru, I changed the appropriate env vars to 
point at the new install in /root/.bashrc (konstruct is defaulted to 
put it in /root/kde3.3, but you can change this), exited X, logged 
out and back in and did a startx from the cli.  And I've never 
switched it back to 3.2.3, no reason to.

Cheers, Gene
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