richt click to copy text and open email in search window

mmodem00 at
Fri Oct 22 12:37:00 BST 2004

In kmail when selecting some text and then right clicking there isnt any 
option to copy text.
I remeber that in kde3.2.3 there was that option, and in kde-3.3.0mdk  in the 
spec file the patch that put that option to enable copy text with mouse, was 
disable cause it was repeated, like that option already belong to the kmail 
But isnt functioning, is possible to put again an option to copy the selected 

Other thing is in the search window of kmail, that after a search made, when 
right clicking in an item there isnt a menu option to open that email to a 
separate window, we can only double click and the email only apears in the 
kmail default window.

Is also possible to add that menu option to have the option to open the email 
in the right clicking?
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