KDvi Doesn't Know Where to Find Fonts

徐冠鹏 leo_virgo at 263.net
Tue Oct 12 05:22:30 BST 2004

Hello everyone, 
I am dealing documents with CJK-LaTeX now, but not using  
default fonts. I added my addtional fonts into directory 
/usr/local/share/texmf. When opens a file using these fonts,  
I am told 'KDVI is currently generating bitmap fonts'. When  
this is finished, an error message 'KDVI was not able to  
locate all the font files which are necessary to display  
the current DVI file. Your document might be unreadable.'  
is encountered. The texts in those fonts are displayed as  
a single square ?. I did not find how to tell where the  
fonts are. However, xdvi can display correctly.  
How to solve this?  
Thanks in advance.  
Guanpeng Xu 

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