KDvi Doesn't Know Where to Find Fonts

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Tue Oct 12 08:23:20 BST 2004

徐冠鹏 wrote:
> Hello everyone, 
> I am dealing documents with CJK-LaTeX now, but not using  
> default fonts. I added my addtional fonts into directory 
> /usr/local/share/texmf. When opens a file using these fonts,  
> I am told 'KDVI is currently generating bitmap fonts'. When  
> this is finished, an error message 'KDVI was not able to  
> locate all the font files which are necessary to display  
> the current DVI file. Your document might be unreadable.'  
> is encountered. The texts in those fonts are displayed as  
> a single square ?. I did not find how to tell where the  
> fonts are. However, xdvi can display correctly.  
> How to solve this?  

First, the unfortunate truth is that Qt doesn't find all fonts.  E.G. I have 
Helvetica Narrow (Type1) and it simply ignores it.

I presume that these are CJK fonts.

What are the font names, are they Type1 or TrueType, and what encoding are you 

And specifically, are the font names in Latin (ISO-8859-1) or another encoding?

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