[SLE] RE: Has The performance been forgotten?

Bahram Alinezhad alineziad at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 8 15:40:45 BST 2004

It looks that more people are admitting the
performance lack...

"alberto-g" (alberto-g at inventati.org)

One final note: your findings show that performance
really seems to have been forgotten. And the saddest
part is some people are blind enough not to recognize

"Frans Englich" (frans.englich at telia.com)

FWIW, regarding KControl, I've written a KControl from
scratch and it is significantly in startup faster than
the old. It is from a technical perspective the same,
but is lighter and written for fast startup(it's 500
LOC compared to the current 5000..). KControl will be
replaced in KDE 4, the question is whether it will be
any of the "ordinary" proposed prototypes, or that
meta search thing.



"Alexander Neundorf" (neundorf at kde.org)

Hi Bahram,

interesting figures.
Just some thoughts: starting konsole took approx. 2.0
seconds with my old K6/200 with KDE 2.x.
The transition from KDE 2 to KDE 3.0 slowed KDE as a
whole down (I think Qt 3 must be to blame).
I think with Qt 4 we have a big opportunity to gain a
lot of speed and memory. Qt4 will be split into QtCore
and QtGui. maybe we use this to split some kdelibs in
a way that some of them only need to link to QtCore
and not the whole Qt.

An another note, I always had the impression that Suse
runs much slower than Slackware (which I am using).
Especially Yast is dog slow.

At work I'm using KDE 3.1 on a PIII/450 with 128 MB
RAM. Runs fast enough, starts (until KDE is loaded)
faster than Win2K on a P4/2.0 GHz.
KDE takes maybe 30 seconds, konsole maybe 2 or 3,
konqy maybe 5.

There must be something wrong with your setup (I heard
some things about fontconfig...). Maybe try another
distro ?


P.S. we can always need people willing to work on
performance issues

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