[SLE] RE: Has The performance been forgotten?

Bahram Alinezhad alineziad at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 8 15:40:31 BST 2004

Yes, that problem is soluble by SaX2, Thanks.

Bahram Alinezhad,
Tehran, Iran.

"Steve Kratz" (steve at townnews.com)

Actually, if you go into the "sax" setup tool, and set
the size (get out your ruler and measure), in mm, it
will stop prompting for the setting
And, in my experience, the display looks much better
after that (fonts show up the "right" size, etc.)

"Bahram Alinezhad" (alineziad at yahoo.com)

- In Windows, when the desktop appears, may be some
startup items still running; In SuSE 9.1 you see
similar situation, at least for "kmix" and "hardware"
icons in the system tray! Also, a message asking you
about changing your monitor settings cannot be

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