[SLE] RE: Has The performance been forgotten?

Bahram Alinezhad alineziad at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 8 15:41:03 BST 2004

- Count the KDE boot time after that it is ready to
run Konqueror (e.g. when all system tray icons
appeared in SuSE 9.1); before it, the desktop is not
usable yet.

- Is it really your first tip?! Upgrading the hardware
doesn't mean "optimization"!! If so, optimization is
an easy task: listing the newest Opteron models!

- I'm glad that some developers (like you) hear our

"Lubos Lunak" (l.lunak at suse.cz)

"Ultra high speed CPU: AMD K6-2+ at 550 MHz" - hmm,
what is an AMD64 Hammer at let's say 1800MHz then :) ?

 Anyway. At least some of the results in your tests
don't look right when comparing the KDE results to the
GNOME results. I'd believe KWrite needing double the
amount GEdit needs, or even tripple, but 5 times
longer seems wrong. The same way KWrite should not
need 15 seconds if Konqueror needs only 2 (although
this must be preloaded Konqueror instance).

 I have an old K6/188 available, which should have
rougly just a third of the power of your machine, and
I run KDE on it from time to time. I don't remember
the times exactly, it is certainly sluggish, but at
least KDE startup time is definitely less than 80
seconds, the other times may be probably roughly the
same, perhaps slower, but I doubt it'd be three times
slower than your numbers.

 Which means there's probably something wrong with the
setup. I recently spent some time extensively
profiling KDE startup, I'm about to finish updating
the KDE performance tips, and I'll publish them
shortly. I suggest you check them after they're
announced, maybe you'll find the reason for your

 And no, performance has not been forgotten. If yes, I
wouldn't have done the profiling, and others would
have done the various optimizations either.
It's generally perceived that KDE performance has been
constantly improving with each new release. However
working on optimizations is a tedious and
time-consuming work, and moreover you cannot expect
KDE to run acceptably on very old hardware like my K6
or to match the performance of old software developed
for such hardware.

 PS: Oh, and yes, the very first tip in the tips will
be getting a fast machine. That's the most reliable
way of getting things to run fast.

Lubos Lunak
KDE developer

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