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On Thursday 18 November 2004 19:08, LLLActive at GMX.Net wrote:
> Thanx all,
> I copied the (hidden) .kde directory to a backup directory on another
> partition. Is there a way to create a generic version that could be
> placed in the /etc/skel directory, and be usable for all new users? I
> will try trial-by-error with the copy I have now and then create test
> users to see the effect. Is there a document or how-to for creating
> "default profiles" (to lend from W2K, from which I escaped from at
> last)? I now want to convert a number of workstations to SuSE Linux 9.1
> with KDE, to wean users from W2K and be spawned away from ... .

Have a look at the sysadmin area of the KD website:

You can use KDEDIRS to have a different directory hierachy for different user 
KDE settings are merged starting with the most global one and 
adding/overwriting values of with more local ones.
Single keys, setting groups and whole setting files can be set immutable, 
which means that this merging isn't performed on the immutable sections.
(keyword KIOSK mode in the docs)


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