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Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at
Thu Nov 18 18:29:50 GMT 2004

On Thursday 18 November 2004 23:08, LLLMail wrote:

> I searched the archives, and have not found any messages that mentions
> the place where the KDE setup files are located. Someone suggested the
> /etc/skel directory, but in my system they are empty, consisting only of
> the ../bin, ../Documents and ../public_html sub directories.

Misunderstanding. /etc/skel is where to put files that are copied to a new 
users home directory on user creation.

KDE's config is in .kde/share/config and the file .kderc

As the others said, some files may contains paths for the file's owner, you 
might want to copy only the files you really need.

You can also alter the respective global files to change the default settings 
of applications, globale configuration files are in $KDEPREFIX/share/config
(where $KDEPREFIX is the base directory of your KDE installations, usually 
something like /usr or /opt/kde)


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