All KDE apps crash : So called solution

Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at
Thu Nov 11 10:05:27 GMT 2004

On Thursday 11 November 2004 03:20, Guillaume CABUZEL wrote:

> On the minus side I don't understand how a Theme change can break that
> badly KDE applications (memory leak from a Theme ??? how can this even
> happen ???, a theme are images and fonts no ???). I do not have time to

I think BlueCurve is a style, to be more precise a widget style.
A widget style is a plugin that draws all the different control items like 
buttons, sliders, menus, etc.
Being plugins, i.e. a library of program code, they have more possibilities to 
change the appearance of the application's GUI than pixmap themes.
But they are no different than any other kind of plugin: if it contains a bug 
it can crash the applications it is part of.

> desktop" with alternatives (if they exist !). But question : since all
> the changes have been done through the KDE admin panel, why the software
> did not check the theme (BlueCurve) detect its "poisonnous" nature, and
> prevent the change ???

Unfortunately there is no software that can relyable detect bugs in other 
programs, as far as I know.


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