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James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Sat Nov 6 20:27:09 GMT 2004

Zé wrote:
> Em Sábado, 6 de Novembro de 2004 10:26, o James Richard Tyrer escreveu:
>>Zé wrote:
>>>In konqueror web if i click in a file to download and i dont already have
>>>kget running, doesnt appear any window to slect a dir to save that file.
>>>download only works if i have already kget running.
>>>How to fix this?
>>KGet will save in a default directory which can be configured by file
>>If you want to override this, hold down <Shift> when you click.
>>If you always want to be asked, remove the entry from the window in the
>>"Folders" tab in the KGet Configure dialog.
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> Please read with attention!
> I didnt ask where to save the files in kget, but that kget doesnt run with 
> konqueror if kget isnt already running.
> If in konqueror you click in a file to save and kget isnt running, will not 
> appear any window for you select a dir to save the file.

Yes, that is the way it works.  It will save the file WITHOUT a window opening 
to ask you to select the directory where you want to save the file.

> Thats the problem, how can that be fixed?

Perhaps your problem is more than what you have described.

Does KGet save the files without asking you where to save them?  Or, does it 
fail to save the files?

IF you have the box: "Enable integration with Konqueror" in the "Advanced" tab 
checked and KGet is not running, it appears that it doesn't work.  This is a 
Bug, and you can file a report.  Specifically, what appears to be happening is 
that KGet fails to start.

The workaround is to copy the KGet entry from the K-Menu to the Autostart folder 
by drag 'n drop.  If you do not want to have KGet started at startup, then 
uncheck the box.

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