Mad font behaviour in Konqueror

Daniël Mantione daniel at
Tue Nov 2 05:58:54 GMT 2004

> James Richard Tyrer wrote
>> Daniël Mantione wrote:
>> How can I tell Konq to use the 12pts font?
> Support for bit mapped fonts is not really maintained well anymore.

Weird. Do you think it is a bug?

> I would suggest that you use a scalable font.
> If you want Helvetica, use the URW clone: NimbusSanL.

Hmmm.... It ain't indeed accendentally that I prefer the bit mapped one;
the problem with scalable fonts is that they either need to be
anti-aliased, or get unreadable. If you anti-alias them, they look very
estethically, but the font's colour changes from black to grey,
hurting contrast and your reading please. If you disable the
anti-aliasing, the contrast is back but the font suddenly looks rather
ugly compared to the bitmap font.

Daniël Mantione

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