How to use kio slaves?

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Mon Mar 29 22:47:55 BST 2004

Marc Heyvaert wrote:
> Hello,
> I wanted to experiment a bit with kio slaves, using Konqueror to upload
> a file to a website.
> I thouhgt it was going to be straightforward, and in fact it is, but I'm
> struggling with permissions.
> I open Konqueror and type in the addres of my website :
> I am prompted for a user name and password and I provide this. (my user
> is 'taiji'). Next I see my directory with the provider.
> I split the Konqueror screen and in the other halve I navigate to a
> directory with a file image.png; next I drag the file to the remote
> directory, drop it, choose copy and I get an error message : "could not
> write to file /public_html/subdirectory/image.png" .
> What am I doing wrong here?

Absolutely nothing that I know of.  That is how I upload files to my website
on EarthLink.  I sometimes have to click through the password more than
once, but it then works.

> If I look at the permissions for the subdirectory that is -of course- 
> set to writing for user 'taiji' only. I try to do this from user
> 'kdevelop' on my PC. I have no user 'taiji' here. Could that be the
> reason?

I doubt that that is the problem.  Permission is based on your password, 
not on the file ownership of the file that you are uploading which will be 
changed to that on the other host when you upload.

The only question is the permissions of the directory that you are writing 
to.  If the directory isn't 7xx then it can't be written to.  You should be 
able to use Konqueror to check the permission of the directory that your 
are trying to write to and change it if necessary (if you have authority to 
do that).


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