How to use kio slaves?

Marc Heyvaert marc_heyvaert at
Sun Mar 28 12:00:22 BST 2004


I wanted to experiment a bit with kio slaves, using
Konqueror to upload a file to a website.

I thouhgt it was going to be straightforward, and in
fact it is, but I'm struggling with permissions.

I open Konqueror and type in the addres of my website

I am prompted for a user name and password and I
provide this. (my user is 'taiji'). Next I see my
directory with the provider.

I split the Konqueror screen and in the other halve I
navigate to a directory with a file image.png; next I
drag the file to the remote directory, drop it, choose
copy and I get an error message : "could not write to
file /public_html/subdirectory/image.png" .

What am I doing wrong here? If I look at the
permissions for the subdirectory that is -of course-
set to writing for user 'taiji' only. I try to do this
from user 'kdevelop' on my PC. I have no user 'taiji'
here. Could that be the reason?


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